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; by Frances Kelly

Sales in the Silly Season.

Summers's here

While many of us are winding down for the holidays and our minds are already in the French Riviera, what does this mean for your agency's business development activity?

We're about to run into what's considered the biggest period of sales 'downtime' in the business calendar. But what happens when you need to rev things up again in September? Could you be in a better position to hit the ground running for that crucial autumn quarter?

Even though desks are deserted and your prospect list is largely unavailable there's plenty you can be doing to keep the wheels turning...

Develop your leads

For more on how you can super-charge your sales pipeline, our guide to Blueprinting is the first in a series of articles to help you develop leads and create new opportunities.

Make the most of the time you have

Use the next two months to plan an event for your agency. Sep-Nov is the prime season for business events and can deliver a massive injection of new opportunities to your pipeline.

Make a wish list of target clients

Who are the top 50 brands that you want to be working with in the course of the next 6-12 months? Make a list and start connecting with them.

Focus on your content

Do you have enough relevant case studies, client testimonials or targeted communications to engage your prospects and turn them into clients? Does your content answer a question or solve a problem that your prospect might have?

Review your sales targets

Are you on track and on target? Could you be increasing opportunities within your existing client base as well as hunting for new ones?

Fill your diary for September

If new prospects aren't available now, get them pencilled in for meetings to discuss new projects as soon as they're back. You'll appreciate it when the time comes.

Organise your CRM

Summer is a great time for those tedious sales admin tasks. Update your call and activity list and take time to categorise and tidy up your data.

Update your sales forecast

Ensure all opportunities are listed with values and close dates for the next six months. Schedule activities for each opportunity which will help you progress towards a close.


Could you or members of the team benefit from additional training? Use the summer time to freshen up your skills and attend training workshops like, Lead Generation…..What’s the Big Deal or How to Close More in Less Time.

It may be the silly season, but there is never nothing to do, especially in sales. Have fun and enjoy the summer!