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; by Frances Kelly

Blueprint – We are your business development agency!

Hello! We are Blueprint - your business development agency, but just what the heck does that mean, what do we really do and how have we helped our clients? In this article you will find answers to all these questions and a few tips along the way, so read on…

Frances Kelly founded Blueprint in 2012 to provide better sales processes and results to the creative industry. Blueprint has since grown to provide an experienced, professional, outsourced service to creative agency owners to help them open more doors, bring in more leads and be more proactive in the sales process.

With a number of tried-and-tested methods, we deliver a solid return on investment for our clients by helping them to develop healthy and profitable pipelines. Don’t take our word for it; hear what some of clients had to say below…

What are your commercial goals?

For many of our clients we start buy asking ‘what are your commercial goals?’ Knowing your destination and understanding where you are looking to go helps us to do our job. Most clients are looking for support to connect with more decision-making individuals within their target market:

“Since we’ve been working with Blueprint the results of our new business program has just gone through the roof we’ve had loads more meetings - and loads more successful meetings which is actually more important to us”

Sue Benson
Owner and Managing Director, The Market Creative

Recruit or outsource?

Having worked with hundreds of agencies, we found that many small to medium creative companies had a gap where their business development team should be. While the usual business development principles apply, selling creativity is a whole other challenge.

“We’d like to have more experienced sales people but can’t afford them at the moment, so for us having that direct access to experienced sales people is incredibly valuable and where Blueprint really stepped up was to get those leads in and help to drive that new business. For the last year we have actually doubled our sales which is great”

Tommy Bowen
Head of Sales, Marketing and Strategy, Vamoos

Strategic sales processes

We’ve noticed that a number of agencies overlook sales, sales strategy and the sales process altogether. Identifying your ideal customer and the best methods to reach them is a good starting place…

“Like most other creative agencies, selling is not something that comes easily or is top of mind. Blueprint have helped us to reframe our thinking and get more clarity over what selling actually means and how much value it’s adding to not just us but to our clients as well.”

Danny Somekh
Founder, Huddle

“You can really tell that Blueprint care, it’s been a great relationship over the last year, and it’s been fun as well.”

Grace Reynolds
Marketing and Events Manager, Huddle

Do it the Blueprint way.

If you’re serious about growing your business, putting in the background research is essential. Sales for us is about identifying the right person, building a relationship with that person and matching them to the right product or service.

“Within Blueprint you have a team that will drive forward your objectives and who will represent your brand in the best possible way. You have access to a very senior resource that will go above and beyond the lead generation. You get so much more added value from the team and what we do compared to what you might get from a telemarketing agency.”

Carly Shorthouse
Business Development Manager, Blueprint

A blueprint is the first step in the sales process. It's the foundation upon which all other sales activity rests. If business development is an on-going challenge for your agency, let us help you to find a better way forward.