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; by Frances Kelly

5 Ways Every Sales Person Should Start Their Month

It’s the start of a new month – time to count up your wins and hit the reset button for the next sales cycle.

However, if the months are running away from you without delivering enough new business, perhaps it’s time to look at your processes and how you set yourself up for success:

1. Identify your prospects

Identifying the right people to sell your product or service to is the first step in the sales process. You may be fortunate enough to have a fantastic marketing department providing you with hot and warm leads. Regardless, you should always be outwardly focusing on a wish list of organisations that you want to do business with. If you don’t have a targeted list, you’d be crazy to miss our Lead Generation sales training workshop where we focus on generating ideal client profiles and target lists.

2. Organise your pipeline

Do you know where all your prospects are in the sales process? The best salespeople know where all their potential business is coming from and how far they are down the funnel. A visible pipeline allows you to forecast accurately and make changes to your activity when necessary.

We recommend prioritising your leads from hot to cold. Sounds simple but we meet many people who don’t do this. What deals could you be closing right now? Are there hot leads from last month that you can follow up with this month? Prioritise the hot leads and make sure you always have a planned action in place to move them along the pipeline.

3. Be proactive

Do the tasks that make the sales. Make your follow up calls from last month. Which meetings need a follow up call and which meetings need booking. Which proposals need a follow up call and which proposals need sending. Our clients know it too…

“It makes such a difference having someone like Blueprint calling our contacts, building a relationship and showcasing our product to them. The feedback we get from our prospects is insightful and you know what, some of them turn into customers.

Nina Mack, Founder & Director, Worship CRO

Being proactive also requires the ability to think ahead and anticipate problems. Are there bank holidays or trade shows that will affect the availability of some of your prospects? Plan for potential problems and solve them ahead of time to save you more work at the end of the month.

4. Be Consistent

General consistency is great but being consistent is a lot easier if specific goals have been set. Having some well thought out KPI’s and sales targets will help you be consistent. Of course these need to be SMART -Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Setting these boundaries will motivate you to move forward with focus and consistency. Making sure you put the time in, do the numbers and the results will follow.

5. Don’t Get Desperate

By setting yourself up as outlined above the rest of the month will unfold to your advantage. In the unlikely event things have not gone your way – don’t get desperate!

Desperation turns people off fast. Make sure you’re not doing any of these…10 Things Salespeople Do That Make Them Seem Desperate - a great read from one of our favourite blogs. 

Get comfortable that the month might come to a close and you have not reached your target. Don’t burn the relationships you have been busy building. Those conversations are not for nothing. It might be that the prospect is thinking yes, but not until next month or next quarter.

Organise your No pile. Is it ‘no never’ or ‘no for now’? What are the reasons behind the no’s and might you be able to turn them into a yes in the future? Schedule actions for the next week, month or year and make sure you follow them up – often, it’s all about timing.

If you’re still having difficulties dedicating time to business development or require additional training, we’d love to help, contact us today on 0203 006 9500.

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