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; by Frances Kelly

5 Reasons to Blueprint –The Blog

Here at Blueprint we’re busy helping our clients gain a commercial return by identifying and assessing their business development challenges. We help agencies to implement more strategic & tactical approaches to fulfil their sales potential.

When I first meet a client, finding out what the commercial goals are is top priority. Understanding what our client wants to achieve and what the desired outcome looks like, is critical to putting a plan in place to achieve that outcome.

So what are the 5 main reasons to Blueprint? Below we explore the top 5 reasons to work with Blueprint and how we can help business owners get a handle on moving their business forward.

#1 We are an instant sales resource

Many of the companies we work with don’t have as many sales resources as they would like and are often faced with budget, time and skill restraints. Working with Blueprint as part of their team they can lean on us for support with lead generation and other business development activity, training and strategic consultancy.

#2 No recruitment commitment

Particularly for smaller companies, recruiting sales people or a sales team can be a massive challenge and a huge risk, not to mention expensive and time consuming. Remove the recruitment risks and work with Blueprint on one-off projects or as an on-going business development partner.

#3 Highly Skilled Sales Professionals

As the managing director of a business you may feel that you don’t have the skillset internally or the capabilities to drive new business, so outsourcing your lead generation to a team of highly skilled sales professionals is a no brainer. Our team is full of personable, knowledgeable, methodical, confident and persistent sales professionals who come from senior B2B sales backgrounds.

#4 Tactical support to help you win more

With the Blueprint team by your side we will ensure a strategic and tactical plan is laid out, ready to target your ideal prospect. It’s no secret – one size does not fit all, so we’re full of ideas and creative approaches to help get you in front of your dream clients. Whatever it takes, we will work with you to ensure that commercial goals are achieved.

#5 A higher quality of sales leads

Quality leads = business success. We aim to provide you with quality leads that are accurate, reliable & fit for purpose through our targeted approach. We can also support you in developing those leads and turning more prospects into clients.

We love what we do and the people we work with, and if you like what you’ve read here today give us a call on 0203 006 9500 or get in contact by completing the form below. Lets start addressing your business development challenges and making a positive impact on your revenue.